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By Eric Stengle

Eric Stengle, Founder & Owner

If you are snoring at night, this is a habit that disrupts your sleep, and can cause great distress for both you and your partner. Snoring can result in daytime fatigue, inability to concentrate, and problems in your relationship. Reasons people snore can include airway obstruction when breathing, poor muscle tone in the throat, and excess throat and nasal tissue. The snoring sound happens when you can’t easily move air through your nose and throat, causing the surrounding tissues to vibrate. Fortunately, there are some viable options to fix your snoring habit. Here are 3 hacks to stop snoring for better sleep.

Hacks to stop snoring for better sleep.
  1. Elevate your upper body and head. If you elevate your head this will take pressure off your airways making it easier to breathe. The best way to do this is to put a bed wedge pillow underneath your upper body when you go to sleep. This will provide comfortable support and the pillow will mold to the contours of your shoulders, neck, and head. Another option is to just place some blocks underneath your mattress to slightly raise your body from the waist up.
  2. Clear out your nasal passages. If your nose is blocked, that will naturally restrict air movement in the nasal passages. Take a warm shower before bed and then use a saline spray. This simple saltwater treatment will reduce nasal congestion due to a cold or allergies. Available as an over-the-counter product, saline sprays can also help sufferers of sleep apnea sleep better when used in tandem with a CPAP machine. Saline sprays are an effective, inexpensive option to help prevent snoring. Another effective product to facilitate better breathing at night is Breathe Right nasal strips. Either of these treatments can be used daily without causing any side effects.
  3. Change your sleeping position. Chronic snorers typically sleep on their backs, which causes the tongue to fall back into the throat, narrowing the airway and restricting airflow. If you are a back sleeper, try changing your sleeping position, and sleeping on your side. Use an extra pillow if needed to support your head. Even if you fall asleep on your side, it is easy to roll back over on your back during the night. To prevent this from happening, you can use a snore shirt. This product has a small ball attached to the back of the shirt that prevents you from rolling over.

If you are a chronic snorer, this is certainly having a negative effect on the quality of sleep for both you and your partner. For mild to moderate cases of snoring, use these 3 hacks to help eliminate snoring right away. But more severe cases of snoring might not be fixed by these DIY treatments. This can be an indication that night-time sleep disruption is being caused by a sleep disorder, like sleep apnea. Sleep disorders are a more serious problem that have a multitude of symptoms. If you think that a sleep disorder is causing you to snore, you should make an appointment with a sleep therapist in your area.

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